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Computer Music CMplay VSTi / AU

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Client Details
Computer Music is the world's best-selling magazine dedicated solely to making music with your Mac or PC.

Every month CM brings you the best in tutorials, reviews, news and features, and no matter whether you're a complete newcomer to computer-based music production or a seasoned pro, there's plenty for you in every issue.

CM's covermounted Dual-Layer DVD comes packed with exclusive free software giveaways, thousands of audio samples, support files for the tutorials in the mag, reader demos and more. It's the ultimate resource for every computer musician, giving you everything you need to make music in minutes.

The Project
Computer Music needed a solution that enabled readers to browse and immediately make musical use of the hundreds of WAV and AIFF format audio samples on their cover DVDs.

The Result
Muon Software Ltd was brought in to create a branded player based on TachyonP and a content development platform based on TachyonS. Computer Music magazine's sample producers use the content development platform to import, map and create performances of their samples before supplying them to the magazine for publication. Tachyon Patch files and the original source samples are included on the DVD so users still have complete flexibility over how they use their samples - in CMplay, or in their favourite audio software.

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